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How to Be A Feared, Unpredictable Player

Tournament Poker Profit : How to be an Unpredictable, Feared, MTT Player–  No Limit Hold Em’ is an incredibly popular format of poker that is simplistic mechanically but deceptively complex strategically.
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“Wait…What does that even mean?” 
What I mean is that NL Hold Em’ is easy to learn, but very hard to master.
And anyone who has any previous experience with the game will tell you the same. Most people are familiar with the standard cash hand anyone can buy into at their local Casino. But what’s even more complex than that is the dynamic and exhilarating, tournament style game, of No Limit Holdem’.
Multi-Table No Limit Hold Em’ Tournaments are internationally renowned. Thousands, play and crave every day. Not just here in the states either, but in nearly all major casinos worldwide. In this piece we will be delving into how to win and earn at those Multi-Table Tournaments.  Teaching new comers, veterans and pro players alike how to develop, reformat, or tweak your style until it’s become a formidable way to achieve the main goal. Taking home all the cold hard chips we can dip.
So let’s dive in.
The objective of this piece of content is somewhat targeted towards newer players. Whether you’re just beginning to experience Multi-Table No Limit Tournaments, online or live, isn’t really the concern. This piece is to help you to be able to mold a strategic foundation and play style.
One that would be based off of a trickier (not so straight forward) style of play.
Yet, the objectives of this piece are broader than just that limit. As you read watch the work prove for itself how helpful and insightful these strategies are for even seasoned veterans.
Especially, those who possess a more straight, cut and dry style of play. Noticeably lacking that edge to strike fear into their more shadowy counterparts on a consistent basis. 
Finally, this piece has the breadth and depth to get the highest level players thinking as well. Thinking about how their strategy’s could be sharpened in a truly unprecedented way.  Which would inevitably lead to unprecedented profits.
Imagine if the players you most often face witnessed your rebirth. Your reformation into a truly unpredictable nemesis, they’d hate it, but then again they should.  Because with this new tooling you’ll be beating them at their own game.
Yes, this is a strategy that empowers high level players to humble their soon submissive rivals and villains at the table. The ones who, in times passed, always seemed to get the best of them. Won’t be get anything anymore.
……You call bullshit, right?
If this sounds like the type of strategy you’ve got to see to believe, then scroll below. Read it. Then tell me why my strategy sucks a high hard one in the comment section towards the bottom of the page. But first let me show the newcomers some of the basics. If you’re comfortable and understand what terms like TAG and LAG mean then it’s not necessary to check out the next info instead you can go The Beginning of the Strat. 
In poker, if you’re inexperienced it’s necessary that you learn to grow. Don’t be too proud and unteachable. Or else you may find your experiences may be very costly. To teach the, “Poker Playing Styles”, go ahead and click on this next link to Dononvan’s Panone’s perfect interpretation
Alright now that we’re all on the same page let’s jump into our first strategic point…Moving in Mysterious Ways.
Don’t Be a Rock. Be the Water


Setting Snares and Lying in Wait…

Some have a knack for being controlled and disciplined. Some have a knack for reading people. Some have a knack for losing. Some have a knack for trapping. And some people you just cannot see coming. Larry Bird may not of been a professional poker player but if there was ever a tricky persona on the NBA’s hardwood then it was “The Hick from French Flick”.  His play style is a perfect example of the type of confusion you want to sway your opponents with at MTT’s.
Larry Bird, 33 Boston Celtics
Larry Bird is known for his highly confident and competitive brand of unpredictability. Most that have heard of “The Great White Hope” have heard the story I’m about to tell. The story about how he was so good that he would tell the opposing defender assigned to guard him, exactly what play they would be running next. Then he’d tell them exactly where Larry would catch the ball. And then he’d tell them exactly where he would shoot his shot. And he finish it off with and there’s no way you can stop me. Then sure enough he’d go and do it because he was that much better.
But what many do not realize is that after he stabbed you in the morale with that jumper he told you you couldn’t guard. The next play up the court, he’d tell you the play again. Catch the ball in the exact spot he told you he would. Square up for his shot. And while you jumped knowing you’d swat that shot away this time, he’d pump fake and drive by you for the easy bucket. But by the time the defender realized what had happened the trap had been set and he’d walked right into it.
“I’ll tell you how to solve both of those
mistakes you made on D, son: 
1. Never believe me, and
2. Never believe me.”
-Larry Bird
Could you imagine how difficult it must’ve been for defenders. First you have to keep up with an amazing player with Larry Bird’s incredible play style and who exhales an air of deception that proved fatal to any defender’s success. Mimic the Gimmick. Why? Because… 
…what’s fatal to some is vital to others. That same deceptive air that brought defenders to their knees, breathed life into’s Bird’s own success. Which is what’s most important in any competition. Having a skillset in your profession that keep’s the contenders from performing their best because of your flawless performance.
Does that mean I’m saying do what Larry Bird did?
Never before have I, nor do I ever plan on advocating that any player should talk like Larry Bird did to his opponents, whilst at the table. Not for any other reason other than that Basketball is a different beast that NLHE. And so, I’d advise you the exact opposite, do not be a chatty player. Because over time people will find the tells and the vital info you didn’t actually want to give up.  They will plan and exploit those weakness accordingly after that, and you’ll end up the fool.
Instead, use the, at times, subtle language of…well…of the game. I say subtle but, at times, it’s not subtle at all. Say what you need to say with…
  • Calls.
  • Check-Raises.
  • Bet sizing.
  • Checking Range Variants.
  • Raising Frequency, and Size.
  • Range : Raise Ratio.
  • The Position you’re in at the Table. 
And the hands you play while in those positions to speak your incoherent tongue.
Do that and do that the right way, and your opponents will see you, not as a immovable stone, no. Not as “The Rock” whose opponents had been slowly chiseling away at in the most strategic of clefts and crevices all along. No, Not the Rock that finally crumbles with one slight swing because it couldn’t move out of the way of the chippings and chiseling attacks coming its way.
But instead they will perceive you to be like the water. Without form but still always moving, finding the cracks they didn’t know existed in their structures ceiling, dripping into and creating mold unseen in their game’s structure.  Racing across the games rocks and mountains to flood down and destroy what’s been built. Like the tsunami’s striking with irreverent force, disrupting the masses without warning.
Going and doing whatever, where ever it pleases.
Giving and taking life, and shape in a mesmerizing, inexplicable way.
That is the Power of Water. BE THE WATER

Is that possible? How? I can’t even imagine playing like that because that’s not who I am. 

I don’t go to the poker table ever being myself. The game is a game. Whether you play it professionally or not is of no consequence. It’s still a game and at best a vocation, or trade. We all have our respective trades. Are you the same in front of customers or bosses as you are in front of your kids, or partners, or parents?
Of course not, we all have to put on our fronts. Embrace those persona’s instead of blocking them out. Ok so you’re a straight shooter whose word can be trusted because he/she does what they said they would on time without complaint.
Fantastic, but at the table you’re Gollum. And you need your “Precious” chips. So you stay as close to enemy as possible lead him down the right path. But don’t be a little crackhead when you finally take your chance, be a warrior who takes the treasure at the end.
Here’s an example:
9 handed NL MTTournament’s just begun. And you don’t know a soul at the table…
First hand, you’re the Big Blind and you’re dealt
8♦️ 8♠️
Good hand to play right. Good hand to defend your big blind with. In your mind you decide, if no one opens I’m raising to 3 BB. The full orbit calls -2 folds from the Early Positions and so you raise. Everyone fold but a middle position who calls. The 3 blanks on the flop for you as board reads…
J♦️️ K♦️️ 4♣️
Two over cards and a 4 of clubs plus the diamond flush draw. You check down. You opponent also checks and takes the free card.
Turn card is the…
J♦️️ K♦️️ Q♣️ 8♣️
Now you can bet 60% right here, or 33% if you wanna slow play the hand, All in if you want to scare him off the flush or you could check and try to trap. You elect to check.
Your Opponent goes all in.
Does he have the flush draw….maybe, but you have 3 of a kind you could, that flush draw may bust. He could be check raising K J offsuit or bluffing with less. What to do?Well it’s early and he could be tricky and have you beat, or your set is just fine and you believe it is. You want to call but you think how can I lose first hand? If he has me that would be embarrassing. And then you think I could set him and the table up by taking advantage of this small stake loss, and play the loose passive. Set my trap, wait and pull it when I can for a whole stack or two on a made hand. So I fold the set and show him my pair of eights he chuckles and turns over…
4♣️ 6♣️
Here and there I fold but I call and turn over all median range hands winning no pots folding usually after the flop and anytime any big bets are made. I watch for who’s straight and whose full of shit. Who is tight and who is loose. What hands do they take to showdown, how they handle themselves and their chips.
Hand #9 of Level 3 and I’m dealt cowboys and in the cutoff. The BB is loose and knitty, and I’m down about 20% of my chips I used to pay for my sacrifice trap. UTG min raises, and he’s is the same guy that semi bluffed on a flush draw all in on Hand #1 earlier. A couple came along, when it’s my turn I call, button, and the SB fold and the BB 4bet min raises. UTG snap calls and the other two fold out. And then I call in slower than snap way. And I’ve got 20% of my chips in this pot so I’m 40% lower right now in total. Flop comes down
6♣️ K♦️ 9♣️
Both nearly snap check… I’m ecstatic inside. And I quickly check as well Turn card is the…
…so the board reads…
6♣️ K♦️ 9♣️ 10♠️
The BB elects to check here and UTG limps and I slow call, and the BB calls quickly.
The River is an..
6♣️ K♦️ 9♣️ 10♠️ A♥️
So this should be mine as long as there’s not a crazy straight in their hands somewhere.
The BB bets just over pot and I’m thinking great, he’s probably got an Ace and I’ll get more chips…and then instantly the UTG shoves all in. Now I’m thinking, he’s got A 10 or A 9 or 9 10, 6 9, 6 10 or possibly semi bluffing and hoping cuz he’s a loose aggro and they’re had to read to an extent. Either way, I couldn’t be happier to call, and the BB did too.
The Big Blind had J♦️ J♥️ the fishhooks sunk deep in this minnow.
The UTG had A♠️ 10♦️ which isn’t terrible at all. (unless it’s up against a set)
And my Three Wise Men brought me their myrrh, gold and frankincense.
UTG was eliminated and BB had 108 chips left.
Now that I’ve successfully lied in wait, set my snare, and caught my fishes.  My stack is well above average. Time to continue to forge my unpredictable persona by switching personas to the Tight Aggressive personality. Before I do though it’s time to put work in some psych/ops.
Just 2 peas and a biscuit left to serve up to my guests before they’re stuffed so full of my bullshit that they can’t tell what’s what. Here’s the first pea…
…I fold the next hand, and the following hand I three barrel bluff the tables chip leader and he folds. Giving me the second most chips at the table. Which I knew my tricky king set win was too fresh in his mind for him to have forgotten and considered and he folded like I imagined.
Next hand I serve the second pea. With a busted gut shot straight draw I try to push out a short stack on purpose with a bluff so that everyone can see me fail and bring me back down to earth in their minds.
Or else they’ll eventually all fold every time I raise a hand at all. At that point I would’ve failed at being, unreadable, and at being like water. Instead I’d be perceived as a rock and only pick up small pots of little consequence. Which is not ideal.
Now it’s time for the biscuit. I serve it up in the form of a disciplined tight aggressive player persona. Thoroughly confusing the table.
Mission Accomplished

Fear- “Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally”

And with some decent draws and excellent aggressive bet sizing, both for value and for the biggest gains I could muster. I’ve started to instill a thick and healthy fear over the table. The revolving door that has become 3 of the chairs at my table are almost like an ATM of fish n chips.  I’ve grown my chip count pretty well going into the Bubble I’m in 37th place out of 140 remaining and 121 players are getting paid.

From here I switch styles again, and begin playing the LAG an Aggressive Loose persona based on people’s fears of not making the money, and the fear that I’ve instilled in them through my play. And I steal hands left and right winning and losing a few and knocking out a couple short stacks in the mean time.
Heading into the break, I am in the money, in 24th out of the 121 remaining.




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